Germany: Siemens sparks protest in Berlin over controversial Australian coal project

Around one hundred protesters gathered in front of the Siemens office in Berlin on Monday to condemn the deal between Siemens and the controversial Adani coal mine project. The deal, worth a reported €27 million ($30 million), requires rail infrastructure for the Carmichael mine in Queensland from Siemens. The mine is located near the Great Barrier Reef and has seen devastating bushfires raging... Еще since August 2019, thought to be caused by climate change. Greta Footage shows the Fridays for Future and Parents for Future protesters outside the Siemens office, with signs and banners saying «Tell the truth, take responsibility. Stop Adani.» A spokesperson for Fridays For Future Berlin, Pia, said, «Siemens will deliver train signal equipment and this enables the construction of the biggest coal mining project worldwide. And we cannot accept this.''

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