Germany: Showmen protest against coronavirus major events ban in Berlin

Showmen and fairground operators protested against the coronavirus-related ban on large cultural events and fairs, and asked for government aid, as they gathered at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Thursday. «The corona crisis has also affected German showmen. We have a ban on the profession and the last profits were achieved at the Christmas works in 2019. The showmen are standing with their backs against the wall. They have no income, and consequently they must be helped,» said President of the German Showman Association Albert Ritter. «There must be financial resources to help. The city government, who allocated the ban on our professional activities, should actually provide us with state help for the time that no traditional festivals in Germany can be conducted,» emphasised Ritter. Around 1,600 people attended the rally, according to the police. Before reaching the Brandenburg Gate, hundreds of lorries and vans belonging to festival, circuses and catering companies drove through Berlin's city centre in protest. Despite easing some restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, the German government has extended the ban on large-scale events until at least the end of October. According to the German Showmen Association, more than 5,000 families are in need of financial aid due to the on-going crisis in the event industry.

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