Germany: Seehofer withdraws resignation after CSU/CDU breakthrough

German Minister of the Interior and CSU chief Horst Seehofer struck a deal with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday, ending weeks of dispute over Germany's migration and asylum policy. «This agreement was a success. It has been shown once again, that it's worth it to fight for your convictions, and what has now been agreed upon is a very clear and durable agreement for the future... Еще. This clear agreement, all three points of which you will hear about soon, corresponds with my ideas, will allow me to continue to carry out my role as Minister of Interior, Building, and Community Minister,» Seehofer said. Seehofer was engaged in an ongoing dispute with Merkel over migration policy, with Seehofer's CSU wanting to take a more hard line stance on the issue, with Merkel pushing to pursue a common European solution. Seehofer had threatened to resign over the dispute, but a last minute compromise was reached, and Seehofer will stay on as Interior Minister.

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