Germany: Seehofer warns against ‘extremist’ infiltration of coronavirus lockdown protests

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer appealed to those demonstrating against coronavirus lockdown measures to distance themselves from 'extremists' who may have infiltrated such movements. He made the comments in Berlin, on Wednesday, after a new cabinet committee to combat right-wing extremism and racism met for the first time. «We have to make sure that extremists don't get the upper hand... Еще here,» he stressed. He added that messages on the internet saying conditions are ripe for a «revolution» should be taken seriously. He stressed that «this has nothing to do with the right to demonstrate as a peaceful and democratic people; these demonstrations are obviously being used by extremists for their own purposes.» The new cabinet committee was created following the Hanau attack. Seehofer stated that extremism, racism and antisemitism «are the greatest threat to our security in Germany.» The interior minister also said that a new catalogue of measures to combat extremism would be announced early next year.

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