Germany: Secret Cold War nuclear bunker to become largest cannabis factory

A former German Cold War-era nuclear bunker to be transformed into the country’s largest legal cannabis factory was unveiled on Tuesday. The old bunker in Memmingerberg in Bavaria, which was originally intended to protect NATO allies in the event of a nuclear attack, will now protect cannabis plants to be grown for medicinal use. Managing Director of BUNKER Pflanzenextrakte UG, Christoph... Еще Rossner, has been overseeing the transformation. According to him, the site is protected with high security to ensure the safety of his precious cannabis plants growing within. «So you see here in this room and this whole building, it’s very, very safe. We have a bunker and we need this, all for the safety for our laboratory,» he said. And the high security is for good reason. Rossner spotted the untapped economic potential of the plantation in the German market, and the high revenue his plants could bring him. The managing director has been working with the Bavarian government to make his vision a reality.

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