Germany: Second wave could happen with further easing of restrictions, health official warns

Vice President of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases Lars Schaade warned that a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic could hit Germany before autumn, depending on people's readiness to comply with hygiene and social distancing rules. «The second wave of the virus and the increasing numbers of people infected could possibly happen with further easing of restrictions. We have the... Еще situation in our own hands, whether the second wave happens and when,» he said at the press conference in Berlin on Friday. Lars went on to say that the case numbers are falling but the death toll has already surpassed 7,000 and the fatality rate remains «high.» «The confirmed fatality rate remains high while there are still a lot of registered outbreaks in nursing homes and hospitals, where the most vulnerable groups are,» the health official explained. As of Friday, Germany has registered 168,612 COVID-19 cases and over 7,000 deaths related to the virus, according to the data compiled by John Hopkins University.

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