Germany: Schulz says Merkel «wants to manage the past» at Abensberg rally

Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) chancellor candidate Martin Schulz held a campaign rally in the Bavarian town of Abensberg, just three weeks ahead of the German Federal Election, which is set for September 24. During the campaign rally, Schulz argued that German Chancellor Angela Merkel «is someone who wants to manage the past» while noting that he «is someone who wants to shape the... Еще future.» The SPD chancellor candidate rhetorically asked his supporters, «Can a person with a beard, bald head, prescription glasses, ready-to-wear clothes and without a high-school diploma become a chancellor? On September 24, we can give an answer to this question, namely, yes, he can.» On Sunday, Schulz and Merkel faced-off during a televised debate, where the respective leaders sparred on issues, including Germany's immigration policy.


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