Germany: Schulz brands AfD leader ‘pile of crap’ in parliament

The former SPD leader Martin Schulz branded the co-leader of AfD Alexander Gauland a ‘pile of crap’ in the German parliament in Berlin on Wednesday. He said, «Mr. Gauland, the amount of bird's shit is pile of crap, and that's what you belong to in German history.» The speech came shortly after another right-wing incident took place in Germany with protesters in Kothen having been filmed... Еще shouting «Sieg Heil» and «national-socialism now,» during an anti-immigration march. The violent incidents in Chemnitz have again come under the spotlight after the head of Germany's domestic security agency (BfV) Hans-Georg Maassen wrote a report casting doubts that foreigners were chased during right-wing protests in the Saxony town on August 26.

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