Germany: Schauble thanks police for protecting Bundestag during COVID protests

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schauble remembered the 20th anniversary of the first killing in a series of attacks by the NSU, and also thanked the police officers who protected the Bundestag when a group of 'recognisable' right-radical supporters tried to gain entry into the building while protests against COVID measures were taking place at the end of last month. He made the remarks during his plenary opening speech in Berlin on Wednesday. Schauble said, unfortunately «no one can close their eyes any more to the extent of the far-right threats. And the danger is still not averted nowadays, quite the opposite. The attacks in Hanau and Halle, and the killing of Walter Lubcke show that.» For the Bundestag's president, the acts of those who tried to storm the building in late August were a «shame» and represented an unacceptable attack, which he expressed as a «symbol of contempt for democracy.»

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