Germany: Russian cosmonaut Novitsky attends «Gagarin's legacy» exhibition

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, who has recently returned from the Expedition 50/51 to the International Space Station (ISS), attended the opening of the exhibition dubbed «Gagarin's legacy — the man who called everyone to space,» in the foyer of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, in Berlin, Monday. Some 100 people attended the exhibition, dedicated to the Soviet cosmonaut. Former cosmonauts... Еще Sigmund Jaehn, Eberhard Koellner and Gerhard Kowalski were in attendance of the event. Novitsky noted, «With the help of our German colleagues, we want to show how the work in space between different people of different nationalities and of different faiths can serve as an example of good and friendly relations on earth.» He added, «My colleagues and I once joked that all politicians should be put together in such little space for some time, then the world order would be restored.» The exhibition featured photographs of Yuri Gagarin and other key Soviet and German cosmonauts as well as a Sputnik mockup, space paintings done by children and Soviet space memorabilia.
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