Germany: Russian citizen sentenced to 7 years for selling banned rocket fuel

A 69-year old Russian citizen was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for sending a banned chemical, which can be used as a rocket fuel or explosive, to Moscow, in violation of an EU and UN embargo on Thursday in Hamburg. The man, who lived in in Keltern, near Pforzheim, was found guilty of selling 15 kilograms (33 pounds) of a chemical called decaborane to a Russian arms company through a... Еще Baden-Wurttemberg business. Decaborane is considered a dual-use product, meaning it can be used for peaceful and military applications. «The court has found that the culprit has exported to Russia the so called 'dual-use' products and chemical components that fall under embargo and against the ban regulations of this embargo and that these products came into use in the military sector, specifically for missile production,» said prosecutor Stephan Morweiser after Hamburg's Higher Regional Court gave the sentence.

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