Germany: Robotic arms for nursing seniors debut near Munich

Robot assistants are being developed and tested in field studies to help elderly people in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Technical University of Munich announced over the weekend, at the opening of its research centre for geriatronics. «Geriatronics is a portmanteau of geriatrics, gerontology and mechatronics robotics. So it's about developing robotic assistants, for the elderly, for our seniors... Еще to make their lives easier and that's the purpose of these assistant robots,» Professor Sami Haddadin said. The professor and his team displayed a robot assistant at the opening ceremony to show how it would help elderly people in daily activities, including shaving for stroke patients. Haddadin stated, «the problem we have today in our society is that we simply do not have the availability of therapists, that's a big issue. The idea is simply that the assistant robots use, which the therapist shows, to help patients individually.» The robots were also designed to allow doctors to remotely handle emergency and routine examinations, according to Haddadin.

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