Germany: Riot in Stuttgart was 'abhorrent' — govt. spox.

A German federal government spokesperson strongly condemned the riot that rocked Stuttgart on Saturday. Speaking at the federal biweekly press conference in Berlin on Monday, Steffen Seibert called the incident «abhorrent.» «Those who participate in such an outburst of violence, those who brutally attack police officers and vandalise and loot stores, those cannot vindicate themselves with anything. By doing this, they stood against their city, against the citizens they live with and against the laws that protect us all,» the spokesperson told journalists. Seibert also addressed the coronavirus outbreak at Toennis slaughterhouse confirming that more than 1,300 people had tested positive for COVID-19 and about 20 were receiving inpatient treatment, with some in ICU. According to the government, «there is a high infection risk for the region.» Health Ministry Spokesperson Teresa Nauber stressed that «only resolute action on location in East Westphalia can prevent a nationwide spread.» The Foreign Ministry and the Finance Ministry spokespersons also addressed a variety of national and international matters at the press conference on Monday.

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