Germany: Remains of 100 Red Army soldiers buried in Lebus

The remains of 100 Red Army soldiers were buried in Lebus on Friday. Soldiers belonging to the German Armed Forces and the Russian Federation took their positions around the commemorative plaques to watch as caskets adorned with flowers were placed carefully into a grave. “The horrors of World War II are often measured in numbers that are beyond our imagination. The meaning of 60 million war... Еще dead can hardly be put into words. This number is so incredibly high that it is no longer tangible; it bursts our imagination”, said Brandenburg Minister President Dietmar Woidke. «Since then, more than seven decades have passed. Several generations have grown close to peace. But the trauma of war is still in us. Out counter-words are still influenced with many political discourses in Europe. In my opinion, the current political climate between Russia and Germany requires further efficient intensification through dialogue at various levels», stated Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechayev. These were victims of the half-battle of Halbe, which was staged in April 1945. The bones were discovered in Waldfriedhof in Halbe accidentally.

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