Germany: Reichsbuerger suspect faces court for police murder in Nuremburg

Germany: Reichsbuerger suspect faces court for police murder in Nuremburg. A murder trial for an alleged member of the Reichsbuerger movement s started in the Nuernberg-Fuerth courthouse, Tuesday, where defendant Wolfgang P. faces the court for shooting and killing a Special Forces police officer. A one-time «Mister Germany» Pageant Winner, 49-year-old Wolfgang P. is charged with murder... Еще, attempted murder and grievous bodily harm, with prosecutors arguing he shot at police officers with a rifle when they arrived at his home in Georgensmuend last year, killing one officer. «As the special police forces tried to seize the weapons, 11 shots were allegedly fired through the front door of the flat made partially of glass. He was allegedly aware that it was police officers behind the door», Justice Press Speaker Friedrich Weitner explained. In today's session, «the charges were read out, and the accused was given the opportunity to express himself in light of the charges,» Weitner said, adding that the defendant «did not relay any of his personal details» and «referred to himself as a human». The trial is set to resume Wednesday morning. Reichsbuerger, the movement the defendant is allegedly affiliated to, is an umbrella term for a number of groups which reject the current German state and maintain the legitimacy of the German Reich.

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