Germany: Refugee sentenced to over 3 years in prison for abducting UN employee in Syria

A Syrian refugee, known in the media only as Suliman Al-S, was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment for the abduction of a UN employee and participation in war crimes at Stuttgart's High Court, Wednesday. Spokesperson for the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart Matthias Merz stated that Suliman Al-S was found guilty of «the abduction of a UN employee in the Syrian Civil War in 2013... Еще» and «assistance in a war crime». However, the trial did not find evidence that the abduction was connected to the Jabhat al-Nusra militant group or that the accused was a member. The 26-year-old refugee was arrested on 17th January this year, while living in Stuttgart. He had his asylum application approved and had already begun taking German classes and working in the city at the time of his arrest.
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