Germany: 'Rebellion Wave' 24-hour climate strike demo kicks off in Berlin

Under the motto of ‘Rebellion Wave,' dozens of climate activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement began rallying in front of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin on Monday. Two different groups converged in Invaliden Park after marching from the Bundestag and the Ministry of Finance, carrying signs and chanting slogans along the way. Activists were urging the government to take action and stop the climate crisis, and to control global CO2 emissions in order to keep the global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees Celsius. One activist, Lucy Powell, accused the governments, particularly Germany, of using the money to bail out the coal and car industries. «This is the moment when everyone has seen there can be a completely different, like a very sharp cut to the way people can behave, behaviour can change very quickly. That was the common argument, that 'that's impossible,' and now we've seen it's possible, so change is possible,» she added. Similar actions will be taking place across several German cities, including Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, as part of a week-long 'civil disobedience' demonstration, designed to put pressure on the German government regarding climate change.

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