Germany: Radebergers comment on Merkel’s gift of local beer to Putin

Residents of Radeberg commented on the news that German Chancellor Angela Merkel sends a case of the locally produced Radeberger beer to Russian President Vladimir Putin every now and then, Tuesday. «I think this is a nice gesture,» said mobile market vendor Norbert. However, Radeberg resident Brigitte said she was not altogether happy with the chancellor’s gift to Putin. «I wouldn't do this... Еще. For all I care Mrs. Merkel can send a beer case as much as she wants, but I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't bestow him anything,» she said. «I think this is okay, and I usually say with a beer in one's hand political talk might enlighten [itself] better,» stated Dresden resident Martina. “It's a good image for Radeberg that it goes all the way to Putin,» said another member of the public. Merkel confirmed that she sends the Saxony-brewed pilsner to Putin in return for «very good smoked fish» during a press conference on Monday. Putin had previously said he used to visit “one of the best breweries” in the town of Radeberg when he was stationed as a KGB agent in Eastern Germany in the 1980s, in the book ‘First Person.’

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