Germany: Racist bins? Duisburg locals react as anti-litter campaign sparks controversy

Residents of Duisburg commented on the city's new anti-litter campaign from the western German city on Thursday, after the action was accused of having racist undertones. Duisburg officials decided to place signs with personalised names on some 6,000 bins around the city, with slogans including 'Clean Steffi!' and 'Come here, Kevin!', in the hope that people would be more likely to throw their... Еще rubbish away. Some residents of Duisburg's Turkish community have critiqued the campaign for being prejudice, as it encourages people with typically Turkish names, including 'Mehmet' and 'Gulcan', to use the bins. However, other residents argue that since typically German names are also used it is «not against one person or one culture.»

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