Germany: Purple lowrider grabs attention at Essen Motor Show

A stunning Mercedes Benz Actros lowrider truck was exhibited at Essen Motor Show on Friday. The purple dream machine weighs 76,000 kilograms (76 tonnes) and has won seven awards. It is powered by a 15.6-litre engine which produces 625 hp. One of the truck's designers, Arto Simola, said that building the truck required his team to navigate a lot of challenges. “The challenge was to build this... Еще truck, with the truck and two trailers, that was the first challenge, then to go as low as possible and still be capable of working with it, and coming up with new ideas of building stuff, like fenders and side skirts, something no one has ever done before,” he said The truck's creation took one year from conception to first test drive, with an estimated six thousand hours and €450,000 spent on building the customised truck.

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