Germany: 'Punch in the face' — Interior Minister on Ellwangen events

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer commented on the tasks of the new Ministry of Interior, Construction and Homeland during a press briefing in Berlin on Thursday. In the beginning of the press briefing, Seehofer expressed his outrage with the incident that took place in Ellwangen the previous night as well as his support for the security personal and police in Baden-Wurttemberg and their... Еще actions. «What has happened there is a punch in the face to the law-abiding population,» the Interior Minister said. Commenting on migration, Seehofer stressed that the approach of a limited annual acceptance of migrants is necessary for a successful integration. He also defended the new anchor centres, where in his opinion asylum requests would be processed in a quicker, constitutional and «more human» way. On Monday night, police searched the Ellwangen refugee centre and detained a 23-year-old Togolese man who was wanted for deportation. Witnesses say around 150-200 of the centre's residents united against the police, surrounding patrol cars and forcing the officers to eventually release the detainee.

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