Germany: Puigdemont pulls out from Catalan presidency bid

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont nominated Quim Torra as candidate for the head of Catalan government, in pre-recorded video from his self-imposed exile in Berlin on Thursday. «Our group proposes our fellow member of parliament Quim Torra as candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat. Because he can take this responsibility, in the coming days, and because he can form a government... Еще immediately.» said Puigdemont. «I personally appreciate the strength and sacrifice of accepting this position in what is an extreme situation for Catalonia. The responsibility of governing, the defence of the national rights of Catalonia encountering a state that refuses engage in dialogue,» he added. Torra is a former head of pro-independence civil society pressure group Omnium Cultural, and a vocal supporter of Catalan independence. Importantly, he has no pending charges against him, which makes him a viable candidate. Catalan lawmakers have to elect a candidate before May 22, in order to avoid new regional elections.

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