Germany: Puigdemont denies 'fake news' on alleged Catalonia-Russia connections

Former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont denied allegations of links between the Catalonian independence movement and Russia during a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday. «A large quantity of fake news has been published regarding links between Catalonia and Russia,» Puigdemont said, «There is no evidence, any evidence that shows that. But it is exactly the contrary, because all the... Еще Russian bots that interacted in the Catalan crisis, the vast majority were in favour of the unionists' thesis», he added. Puigdemont also commented on the change of the relationship between the Spanish government and Catalonia, after socialist Pedro Sanchez assumed presidency in Spain. «Obviously the change of the Spanish Government has of course meant a change of style, of climate and of language,» Puigdemont said.

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