Germany: Puidgemont 'will be put before a relevant court when possible' — Deputy Attorney

Deputy Attorney General Ralph Dopper spoke in Kiel on Monday, about the arrest of exiled Catalan leader Carles Puidgemont at the German border, saying he will «be put before a relevant court when possible» but a concrete decision on his extradition before Easter is «impossible». The former regional president of Catalonia was stopped on Sunday afternoon as he was entering Germany from Denmark on... Еще a motorway service area on the A7 motorway in Schleswig. «He is currently in custody, he will be put before a relevant court when possible. It will be thoroughly checked whether his case will be put before the court. This will come later during other potential proceedings, whether his detention pending extradition will be secured,» said Deputy Attorney General Ralph Dopper. He also said that «There are no charges but there is a European arrest warrant. Puigdemont was accused of rebellion and sedition.» Puigdemont risks extradition to Spain where he is accused of leading the secession of Catalonia from Spain. Despite the accusation, «If indeed the extradition is not authorised then lots of factors come into play. I don't have any idea about what happens in this case. The court could say 'no' and then Puigdemont would be a free man,» said Dopper.

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