Germany: Protesters vent fury as Merkel urges international cooperation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was met by a handful of protesters on her return to her natal city of Hamburg in northern Germany on Wednesday, where she headed a rally as part of her bid for re-election in the upcoming Federal election. Merkel spoke at length about the need for international cooperation on major worldwide issues, such as the situations in Ukraine, Syria and North Korea. «The... Еще question of how we approach the issues between Ukraine and Russia, the question of the civil war in Syria, the question of how we react to the nuclear testing ordered by North Korean dictator. All of those are questions, which we have to deal with again and again, we cannot deal with alone,» Merkel said. She also explained how Europe was key in the battle against Islamic extremism in an age of instant communication. «The fight against the Islamic terrorism, which is a challenge worldwide, requires us to keep up with possibility of clarifying the technical means Islamists communicate with. We need international cooperation, because alone we cannot do it. We need European cooperation in particular,» Merkel said.


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