Germany: Protesters target Merkel's childlessness at CDU Binz rally

Protesters attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for being childless as she delivered a campaign speech in Binz, Saturday. Some of the hundreds in attendance held a banner reading «we have children you don't.» The German leader ignored the protest and focussed on addressing foreign policy and security issues. «In the last four years... sometimes we've learnt from awful experiences. When I... Еще think of the Amri case, on Breitscheidplatz, shortly before Christmas in Berlin; that wouldn't have happened if we had set in law then what we have today,» stated Merkel. The German leader also spoke out on her ongoing attempts at a «diplomatic solution» to the «conflict» between Russia and Ukraine. «I'm continuing to work with the French President, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and with the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. That's laborious work. But everything would be better than a military dispute.» Counter-terrorism policies were introduced in 2016 to provide further information and background checks on those entering Germany in refugee status. The official release from the German Government stated: «A special spotlight will be on crimes involving human traffickers. Security authorities are to be enabled to search the stock data of telecommunication firms using automatic techniques also with incomplete names and variations in spelling.»


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