Germany: Protesters renounce Day of Unity celebrations and nationalism outside Mainz Central Station

Antifa activists decried celebrations for the 27th anniversary of German reunification on Tuesday, as they gathered in front of the Mainz Central Station, beneath the motto «no celebrations in this Germany». Protesters claimed that the national holiday was no reason for celebration, as they argue Germany still has some way to go in terms of social equality. On their website «» the... Еще leaders of the protest outlined «many reasons that their» supporters feel unable to identify with the nation, including the recognition of a «gap between the rich and poor» and their condemnation of ‘a system of education in which the future of our children is dependent on social origin and performance pressure.’ Activists stood with banners stating “nationalism is no alternative” and «no celebrations in this Germany», in light of the recent German federal elections that saw far-right party AfD take 13 percent of the vote. The states of the former German Democratic Republic which reunified with the Federal German Republic have long been associated as being AfD strongholds and for having an anti-refugee sentiment. The rally coincided with official reunification events headed by sitting Chancellor Angela Merkel at Mainz Cathedral.

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