Germany: Protesters rally outside Polish embassy against abortion ban

Crowds of protesters gathered outside the Polish embassy in Berlin, on Wednesday, to protest against a court ruling which rendered the vast majority of abortions illegal in Poland. Protesters held banners reading «Torturers» and «My body, my choice,» chanting against the government's ruling. One protester Tasha said, «I don't want anyone to take away my right from me. I have got my own, it is my body, I have got a right to decide about it, no one else has the right to decide about it, that is it as simple as that.» Poland's Constitutional Tribunal last week issued a ruling that banned nearly all abortions, with exceptions only for instances of rape, incest, and when keeping a foetus would endanger a woman's life. The ruling found that an existing law allowing abortion in the case of foetal abnormalities, which accounts for the vast majority of terminations in the country, was incompatible with the Polish constitution.

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