Germany: Protesters demand shut down of nearby Emsland nuclear power plant

Dozens of anti-nuclear power protesters rallied in the city of Lingen on Saturday, calling for the immediate shutdown of the nearby Emsland nuclear power plant. «They admit a very bad condition of these reactors. If they [the reactors] are not good enough to be extended (their life-span) in two or three years, then they are not good enough to be in operation today. They have to close them, shut... Еще them down!» Leo Tubbax, leader of the ‘Stop Thiange’ movement said at the demonstration. The rally spokesperson Udo Buchholz also expressed his concern about the transport of nuclear waste across Germany to Russia. «It is radioactively dangerous and chemically toxic. If it is released in case of accidents, it can react with the air humidity to the hydrofluoric acid. The transports are usually without police protection, not protected, and even the auxiliaries, the fire brigade or the Technische Hilfswerk are usually not informed. If something should happen, nobody is prepared for the disaster,» he said. The Emsland nuclear power plant suffered a power malfunction in 2009 and was forced to shut down temporarily in 2015 after a leak was detected. Most recently reports were released last summer that an inspection at the plant discovered several cracked pipes.

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