Germany: Protesters demand evacuation of thousands of refugees from Greek camps

Dozens of people took to the central square of Hamburg on Saturday in a #LeaveNoOneBehind action to demand the evacuation of refugees and migrants from the Greek camps as the situation worsens with COVID-19. Demonstrators were seen marching at a safe distance from each other due to coronavirus restrictions, while holding up placards and banners. The protest was organised by the international... Еще movement «Seebruecke» under the slogan «We have space. Leave no one behind» in support and solidarity with refugees and migrants in the Greek camps. «In Hamburg, there are a lot of empty hotels, empty accommodations. Hamburg has to take responsibility for people, at least for 1,000 to start with,» said Simone Fischer from «Seebruecke.» She added, «The government brought an insane amount of people back from vacation, used so many planes for this purpose. It is fine but they could have brought a couple of thousands from Greece as well.» Refugees from the Greek camps have been staging protests for several months already demanding to be transferred to mainland Greece over coronavirus fears.

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