Germany: Proposals for faster deportations to be presented in January — Seehofer

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that a constitutional amendment to make deportations ‘more effective’ will be presented to the experts of the Grand coalition in January, while speaking to reporters in Seeon-Seebruck on Thursday. «I've been asked for months already to make the deportations more effective in Germany. Such requests have come from different sides, including the CSU... Еще regional group. That's why we've been working for weeks at the Ministry of the Interior to prepare a constitutional amendment for a more efficient deportation system,» Seehofer explained. The minister also added that the officials are now analysing the incident in Amberg, which happened last weekend, where several Afghan and Iranian asylum seekers allegedly attacked a string of pedestrians in the city. «I've said that violent offenses are increasingly worrying me — whether they are made out of xenophobia or whether they are carried out by foreigners and asylum seekers. A state governed by the rule of low must decisively combat both of these types and punish for them,» he said.

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