Germany: Pro-Kurd groups protest against Turkish nationalist meeting in Hamburg

Around 200 antifa and pro-Kurdish activists took to the streets of Hamburg, Sunday, to demonstrate against a meeting of Turkish nationalist groups being held in the city. The demonstrators held banners such as «Shoulder to shoulder against fascism» and «Together against exclusion and fascism.» They also chanted slogans against the Turkish 'Olive Branch' operation in Syria’s Afrin district... Еще. After gathering at the Veddel train station, the protesters marched towards the «Class Hotel,» where the Democratic Idealist Turkish Association Federation in Germany (ADÜTDF) was holding an event. The ADÜTDF is reportedly under observation by the German intelligence services, since it is considered to be close to the Turkish far-right political party MHP (The Nationalist Movement Party) and its Grey Wolves movement.

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