Germany: Pro and anti-lockdown protesters face off in Berlin

Right-wing anti-lockdown protesters gathered in front of Berlin's Reichstag building on Saturday as leftists took to the nearby streets on their bikes for a counter-protest. Police were on the scene as protesters from the two sides began to argue, with one leftist demonstrator asking: «Why are you denying the dead?» On March 11, German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the measures were... Еще necessary in order «to win time in the fight against the virus.» Merkel stressed that the goal was not to overwhelm the German health system. Over the past few weeks, Germany has been gradually lifting its coronavirus-related restrictions with the reopening of stores, museums, some schools and other non-essential business. The lockdown policies to try to contain the spread of coronavirus have been questioned by some, sparking protests across Germany and sparking conspiracy theories embraced by right-wing groups. According to the latest data published by Johns Hopkins University, Germany has experienced a total 179,787 coronavirus cases, with at least 8,256 dying with the virus.

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