Germany: Primary school pupil threatens to behead Berlin teacher

An 11-year-old Muslim pupil at a Berlin primary school threatened to behead a teacher on Wednesday according to comments made by the school's headteacher to German media. One parent discussed her shock over the incident outside the Christian-Morgenstern school on Thursday as students arrived for the day's classes. «I found it very shocking to hear something like that from such small kids,» stated Jannah Swain, the parent of a pupil. Head of the school, Karina Jehniche, told German media that colleagues and students were shocked to hear the pupil tell his teacher: «I’ll do the same with you as the boy did with the teacher in Paris.” The boy reportedly made the threat after his teacher informed the class there would be consequences if parents didn't attend upcoming talks with school staff. The boy's father subsequently picked him up from school, while his mother reportedly expressed shock and surprise at the threat. The same pupil was reportedly involved in a second incident during the school's minute silence for the slain French teacher. The 11-year-old is said to have told a fellow student that it was: «OK to kill someone who had insulted the prophet.»

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