Germany: Presumed part of Berlin Wall unveiled

Urban explorer Christian Bormann showed media around ruins of an old wall, in northern Berlin, on Wednesday, which he believes is part of the Berlin Wall that divided East and West Germany for almost three decades. Located in Pankow, near the identified route where the Berlin Wall used to cut through the German capital, this crumbling wall has not yet been confirmed as part of the old... Еще construction. Bormann hopes that, if it is identified as part of the Berlin Wall, then it can be preserved for future generations. «Within the next few weeks there should be a supportive scaffolding, and a supportive roof, so that the wall is protected from the winter weather,» he explained. Concerned that people would begin to take parts of the wall as souvenirs, Bormann said: «As sadly there is a huge ruckus after the first newspaper articles, at the weekend people will be start helping themselves with the first pieces and that won't be able to continue for long.»

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