Germany: Politicians arrive for last-ditch coalition talks

Leaders from Germany’s main political parties arrived at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) headquarters in Berlin for the second round of coalition talks on Monday. Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) leader Martin Shultz said: «For sure Europe will have to be one of the big topics for a future Federal government, in whatever way this will be. That's why I hope that Mrs. Merkel and Mr... Еще. Seehofer and myself will reach results today in regards to Europe which will make the Federal Republic of Germany the motor of European politics again. That is our common goal, that's what I hope for but I am optimistic.» CDU Minister President for Saxony-Anhalt Reiner Haseloff briefly commented about yesterday’s talks: “we made good progress and this is going to be successful.» «I don't like the basic tonality that dominates very much. We talked a lot about spending money and I don't think politics is about spending a lot of tax money,» said CDU Minister President of Saxony Michael Kretschmer. “There is a lot to be done,” added CDU Parliamentary leader Volker Kauder. Since the collapse of the so-called Jamaica coalition talks, Merkel has thus far been unable to persuade the SPD to enter into another grand coalition. The growing political instability has raised the possibility of fresh elections or a minority government.

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