Germany: Polish student gets 6-months on parole for carrying firecrackers at G20

A 24-year-old man from Warsaw was handed a sentence of six months on parole, at a district court in Hamburg, on Tuesday, for carrying firecrackers as this year's G20 summit was taking place. Polish art student Stanislav B. was stopped and searched outside of the Hamburg Dammtor railway station, before being arrested for carrying firecrackers and a canister that could reportedly have been used... Еще as tear gas spray. Stanislav's lawyer said his client would appeal the sentence. Some 30 activists protested in front of the court's entrance to show their support for Stanislav and to demonstrate against the prosecution of those arrested at this year's G20. On Monday, a 21-year-old Dutch national named Sluis Peiken, received a sentence of two years and seven months in prison for throwing two bottles at police during G20 riots. A total of 186 people were detained by the end of the G20 summit that took place on 7-8 July, and some 200 police officers injured in protests that turned violent as cars were torched, businesses looted and shopfronts smashed.
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