Germany: Police uncover Ndrangheta mafia's money laundering schemes

German Federal Criminal Police detailed money laundering schemes presumably used by Italian Ndrangheta mafia after a huge international investigation which led to the arrests of 90 people and the seizure of the group's assets in four different countries, at a press conference in the German city of Wiesbaden on Wednesday. Peter Henzler, Vice President of the Federal Criminal Police Office, said... Еще that the drugs were brought to Germany by Ndrangheta from South and Central America through European ports. «The drugs were taken in smaller amounts in prepared vehicles through Germany to Italy. There were also drugs taken to Germany, in particular cocaine, in order to sell it here. The rest of the drugs were sold in Italy,» said Henzler. He added that the income from the drug trafficking was «invested, laundered, mostly in Italy, in real estate, especially in restaurants.» «In Germany it was not proven yet that they invested in real estate, but we are still in the middle of the investigation looking into printed and digital documents that will clarify where the money went» stressed Henzler. The investigation, code-named 'Operation Pollino,' was carried out across Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and involved hundreds of police officers who stormed Italian bars and restaurants thought to be laundering money.

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