Germany: Police rent petrol station to stop far-right concert goers buying alcohol

In a bid to block attendees of a far-right concert from gaining easy access to alcohol supplies, police in the central German state of Thuringia have rented a petrol station close to the concert's venue. Police are turning the petrol station in the small town of Themar into their control and logistics headquarters and have cordoned off the concert premises with fences and cordons. Previous... Еще editions of the far-right gathering saw many attendees purchase alcohol from the station. In an attempt to reduce the possibility of violence breaking out only light beer will be available on the first day of the event on Friday, with a total ban on alcohol being in effect on Saturday. The move came after residents of another East German town, Ostritz, bought up all the beer in the town's supermarkets to block prevent the attendees of another far-right concert from having alcohol.

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