Germany: Police conduct ‘Black Bloc’ raids following Hamburg G20 protests

Head of the Special ‘Black Bloc’ Commission Jan Hieber said that the police are conducting raids on suspects accused of igniting violent protests during the G20 Summit in July when speaking in Hamburg on Tuesday. Hieber stated that the police are dealing with a «violent mob» and announced that several raids took place across eight German states, although no arrests have been made. Hieber also... Еще added that «juveniles who were detained and accused are currently being put on trial» noting that they are seeking 75 more people in relation to the violence. Clashes took place in Hamburg in July during the G20 Summit, causing severe damage to the city. Police claim that the anti-capitalist 'Black Bloc' were among those who tried to disrupt the event. A total of 186 people were detained by the end of the G20 summit and some 200 police officers were injured in protests which saw cars torched, businesses looted and shopfronts smashed.

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