Germany: Police block attempt to remove Holocaust ashes art installation

Police have blocked an attempt by activists to remove an art installation that contains soil and ashes from concentration camps on Monday in Berlin. Footage shows damage to the installation, which is sat outside the German Reichstag and has «I shall kill both by word and by deed, by vote and my own hand — if i can — anyone who overthrows democracy,» inscribed on it. The controversial memorial... Еще was originally installed by the left-leaning Centre for Political Beauty (ZFPS) at the start of December in a provocative stunt that offended parts of the Jewish community. Activists from a group calling itself the Performance Art Committee (AKK) attempted to dismantle the installation. The ZFPS has submitted a complaint to police for property damage, according to local reports. SEE RUPTLY'S COVERAGE OF LINKED STORY: Germany: Memorial holding ashes of Holocaust victims stirs emotions in Berlin

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