Germany: Police arrest Black Forest 'Rambo' after six-day manhunt

Emergency services arrested suspect nicknamed «Black Forest Rambo» accused of stealing police officers weapons following a six-day manhunt in Oppenau, on Friday. According to Police chief of Offenburg Reinhard Renter the suspect, Yves Rausch, was found hidden in a bush. He said the police, «cordoned off the area, and the special forces were bought in. These special forces then made contact with the suspect and then he was arrested.» During the arrest, they ceased four weapons, while a fifth weapon is «to be examined by forensics to determine what kind of weapon it is.» He added that a special forces officer was injured during the arrest, «but the injury was not severe.» The operation involved 2,500 police officers, several helicopters, special forces and dog unit. It began last Sunday when Rausch threatened four police officers, disarmed them and ran away.

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