Germany: Pensioner rams into supermarket injuring wife and four others

A 91-year-old driver crashed into a Netto supermarket in Saarbrucken on Monday, injuring at least five people, including his wife. Emergency services and a rescue helicopter rushed to the scene which local police described as «chaotic» with debris scattered across the supermarket floor. Bernd Eberlein from Saarbrucken police provided further details, saying that the incident happened at around... Еще 18:20 local time, when a driver who parked in front of the Netto supermarket suddenly drove into the shop. «His wife was shopping and came out to get him, but for unknown reasons he ran over his wife and drove into the supermarket where another four people were injured, some severely,» said Eberlein. Police added that the cause of the incident is still under investigation. The driver is thought to have received minor injuries.

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