Germany: Peak of coronavirus has not been reached — health minister

German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said the peak of the coronavirus has not been reached yet. He was speaking during his visit to a quarantine station at a military base in Germersheim on Wednesday. «It is a special situation. It is bad to grasp that the virus is just not known, and that we are also researching with high pressure to find out more about when there is a danger of... Еще suffocation, or how in the long run will the health situation develop,» said Spahn. The minister also said a ban on travel restrictions was up for debates after the US government imposed a ban and quarantined nearly 200 people in California. Germany has so far confirmed 12 cases of the disease. One man was infected in what appeared to be the first human-to-human transmission in Europe. Health ministers from the G7 countries agreed on a coordinated approach to battling the outbreak at a conference call on Monday.

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