Germany: 'Peace and security' in Europe only possible with Russia on board — Die Linke final rally

Member of Parliament for left-wing German Party Die Linke Gregor Gysi said that peace and security in Europe can only be achieved with the involvement of Russia, during a final election campaign rally in Berlin on Friday. According to Gysi, Europe will not achieve peace and security «without» or «against» the Russian nation. He assured his listeners that he was not against criticism of Putin... Еще, but reiterated «peace and security only with them [Russia], never against them. That needs to be understood.» He also spoke of the dangers of a «conflict of interests» in the current global order, which has replaced the Cold War dispute of systems, and which according to Gysi could lead to war more quickly. The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party came under fire from Die Linke Chairperson Katja Kipping, who said they are running for the «spiritual legacy of Hitler» and described them as «neo-Nazis».

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