Germany: Party leaders arrive for fresh exploratory coalition talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the chairperson of Bavarian sister party (CSU) Horst Seehofer, and Social Democratic (SPD) leader Martin Schulz on Sunday in Berlin to restart preliminary coalition talks. Merkel said she felt «optimistic» about the upcoming talks, but affirmed that «there is a load of work ahead of us in the next days.» «After the federal election we experienced that... Еще the Jamaica parties took 8 weeks. We won't take that much time. We will be coming to an end of the probing in five days», stated Schulz, adding that «we don't draw red lines but we want to establish red politics in Germany as much as possible». On his side, Seehofer also acknowledged that «we have to talk less and work more». Two small peaceful protests took place outside the building, one an environmental protest against wind parks, and the other organised by the worker's union IG BCE, supporting workers in coal mining, chemistry and energy industries. Since the collapse of the so-called Jamaica coalition talks, Merkel has thus far been unable to persuade the SPD to enter into another grand coalition. The growing political instability has raised the possibility of fresh elections or a minority government.

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