Germany: Parliament discusses AfD's anti-refugee bill in Berlin

Alternative for Germany (AfD)'s proposed bill to ban refugees' families joining them from war-stricken countries sparked a heated debate in the German parliament in Berlin on Thursday. «The inner peace cannot stand another immigration of this respective kind, no archaic clan structures, the terrifically integrated Lebanese family clans, no alien cultures, partly illegal mindset of Islam up to... Еще the terror threat,» said Dr. Gottfried Curio, an AfD member of parliament. «A general discontinuation of family reunification without any exceptions for potential cases of hardship is a gross interference of fundamental rights,» said the CDU/CSU's Marian Wendt. «If someone questions this societal inner peace, then it is the AfD faction with its rhetoric, its mindset and its demands,» added SPD's Helge Lindh.

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