Germany: Parliament calls in Facebook to give explanation over data scandal

The German Parliament summoned representatives from Facebook to a special session held by the 'Digital Agenda' parliamentary committee on Friday in Berlin to answer questions regarding the data breach that came to surface this week. An MP for the Union '90/ The Green Party Tabea Roessner said she is «absolutely furious with Facebook because Facebook denied this dispute and also the discussion... Еще with the parliament for years.» Some MPs said it is not only Facebook who are responsible but also the German government for not acting earlier on regulations for online businesses. «And I am absolutely furious with the government, who basically know that we have a big problem with the protection of data, in in this case with the platforms, and they have stood back all the time,» Roessner added. «We know one thing about the businesses in Silicon Valley — they will do anything what is possible and the protection of data and concerns, that's the part that is last considered because they say 'First we have to build the empire',» explained SPD member Dr. Jens Zimmermann. «Facebook particularly fears that it won't receive advertising contracts, which is why publicity in this case is important. It is important that we talk about it, that we take the consequences», concluded the FDP's party Manuel Hoerferlin. According to reports, data mining company Cambridge Analytica developed a system that could analyse personal information from Facebook users in America and influence their behaviour by targeting them with personalised advertisements. Although the allegations of data breach were denied by Facebook, the scandal has already resulted in a 6.8 percent fall in the shares for the world's largest social network.

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