Germany: Over 150 Green Party members affected in data breach

A Green Party spokesperson Michael Kellner confirmed that more than 150 of the party's members were involved in the data breach that led to the publication of hundreds of politicians' personal data, while speaking to the press in Stuttgart on Friday. Kellner said that it is not only an «intimidation attempt against politicians,» but also «against journalists, against artists ... as well as... Еще against volunteers who work actively for our peaceful co-existence in this country.» «It's not a secret that we've experienced many attempts to influence elections across Europe — from Russians and from Chinese circles, as well as from right-extremists in the US,» Kellner added. The Federal Office for Information Security and the National Cyberdefence Centre are leading an investigation into the data breach, which saw the personal information of many German politicians and delegates published by a twitter account of over 17-thousand followers. It has not yet been confirmed whether the information was obtained by hackers, or leaked by a source with internal access to the information.

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