Germany: 'Out of NATO!' — Hundreds call for disarmament during Frankfurt Easter March

Hundreds of people joined a traditional Easter March in Frankfurt on Monday, to demonstrate against the arms trade and demand the global disarmament. Demonstrators marched through the streets of Frankfurt before gathering outside the US Consulate General. Protesters held placards calling on Germany to leave NATO and restore relations with Russia, with one banner reading «Peace with Russia... Еще instead of the Third World War! Germany — Out of NATO.» Demonstrators also urged the Western governments to consider a redeployment of public budget expenditures, demanding that defence spending is not increased to two percent of GDP in a bid to meet the NATO target but channeled to other sectors, including education and housing. Local activist Schmeiser Kristian, who attended the rally said, «We know that the US empire spends much more than the Russian Federation, though the US has not spent a fraction of its budget in the construction for decades.» He went on to say that the US «has showed negative side of such weapons, which we know from NATO's eastward expansion and breakdown of talks. Many leaders of Western countries have decided to isolate Russia systemically.»

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